Sunday, April 26, 2009

WaReHoUsE SaLe

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begitu rmai la umat hawa yg m'nerjah booth2 jualan yg 1 ni...
so ni jer yg aku sempat sntap...
kira nsib bsib baik gak laa xde wat pattern pakej...smuanya depa main longokkan n asing2kan *jk tak mau aje aku tsntap dgn byk & jayanya*...clearance stok yg 1 ni mmg xbyk choice laa then kaler2 yg ado pun smuanya yg sm bab parfumes thumbs up...mmg rambang mato sehh!!

Launched by the design house of Paco Rabanne in 1973, PACO RABANNE COLOGNE is classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of rich and spicy. It is recommended for daytime wear. PACO RABANNE Cologne by Paco Rabanne for men *ni pun aku sntap utk si dia*

SKIVA ~ mmg kaw2 aku borong stok yg 1 ini...dah la berlongok n mlambak...main cmpak2 jer...mmg rmbang mato time iteww...berpinor2 biji mato n rs nak tmuntah time bz mencr size
*pix skadar hiasan coz pattern yg aku sntap lain rupenya*

Echo Women Summer Fizz by Davidoff is a floral fragrance for women. Echo Women Summer Fizz was launched in 2006. The fragrance features orange, peony, amber, mandarin orange, osmanthus, mint, grapefruit, bergamot, white musk and rose *dan ini juga*

Stella McCartney has launched a concept fragrance. It's called Stella In Two and it comes in two different scents,Amber and Peony. The idea is that even though we are one person physically, we can play many different roles. These scents recognize the range of our lives as women. They can be worn alone or layered together depending on your mood
Stella In Two Peony comes in a gorgeous, faceted, thick glass bottle that fades from opaque to clear gradually and delicately. I find it to be a jazzed up version of a floral scent since it's mixed with spicy black pepper, patchouli, cedar wood and amber anchor *ni laa yg aku dah sntap*
Stella In Two Amber comes in a sexy and musky concentrated form of a solid perfume. It's brushed metal case is as sexy and strong as its scent. This perfume is easily portable, it won't leak and allows you to refresh your scent throughout the day
kan aku dah kt msia ni mmg mewah n xlekang dgn carnival sale *tdetik dlm ati nak menyumpah*...rsnya utk bln ni & bln sbelumnya,$ dah byk disaving di kaunter2 jualan *time ni pala otak dah start mencongak brp jer bal$ yg ado*...plan asal nak mnytap set comforter tp mmg tsasar gila dr list aku...aduiii knp laa ada web Shopping n Sales!!!
moral of the story ~ aku mmg xdpt nak menahan nafsu yg 1 ni *ketagihan yg ini msih lg gagal dibendung*...ada lg dlm 2/3brg yg aku berjy sntap tp ckup setakat ni pix2 yg disertakan utk tatapan umum,ha3 *jk aku xgi mesti slamat $ aku sehhh*...tb2 dtg idea jahat,nak g meyerbu lg esok arinya tp smbil mengurut dada cpat2 aku mengucap *jk aku g gak mau mkn biskut kering pasni*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

CaRniVaL SaLe......PaRt 2

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